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SpiritState is the web publishing site that James designed to make his books interactive so readers could add their own notes and share their insights and inspirations with other readers. SpiritState has James' three novels: The Ancient Arrow Project, The Dohrman Prophecy and Quantusum. James has chosen to write in the genre of magical realism because it allows storytelling and imagination to merge in an effort to answer the age-old questions of where we came from, who are we, why are we here, and what will we, as humans, become.
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About SpiritState
In 1998, James released his first website called WingMakers.com and it quickly created a global buzz. WingMakers was a site that came from an anonymous source and contained the web's first transmedia reading experience where a story combined music, art, philosophy, and poetry as an integrated experience. James released four additional websites since them, creating one of the most impressive bodies of work in the arena of spiritual discourse.

SpiritState is James' online publishing platform. James has three books that are currently available, and also plans to release the Collected Works of the WingMakers on SpiritState in 2012.
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SpiritState Books


Quantusum is a magical and expansive story of an ancient plan and a modern man that collide in the mystery of life's highest purpose: to discover The Grand Portal, the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul.

The Dohrman Prophecy

An ancient oracle is the property of a global religion that seeks to keep its power under its exclusive control. The oracle, however, has its own mission unbeknownst to its caretakers, and there are those who are seeking its liberation.

The Ancient Arrow Project

The centerpeice of the WingMakers mythology, this book really needs to be read to understand how the spiritual forces operate in a world that is run by elitist groups. This version includes the 4 interviews of Dr. Neruda, the central character in the story.
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